From our corn and corn flour tortillas we produce hand-cut chips to minimize sticking and clumping. The end result is a more fryer-friendly, crispier chip.  And, we offer customized weights and cuts for your needs.  These are also available in custom blends, so please ask for them by name:
• American flag: Red, White and Blue chips  
• Mexican flag: Red, White and Green chips (great for Christmas celebrations, too!)    
• Valentine’s Day: Red and White chips  
• Saint Patrick’s Green Chips    
• Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Chips & Tortillas​

La Chiquita manufactures the best flour tortilla on the market.  Our hot pressed flour tortillas are soft as pillows yet thick and pliable, limiting breakage and tearing, therefore,  increasing yields of tortillas in your kitchen.  These are perfect for burritos, soft tacos, quesadillas and much more.  Our Premium flour tortillas are baked and shipped frozen to lock in freshness.  Provecho Flour are available to fit all of your shelf stable flour tortilla needs. Sizes in pressed flour tortillas range from 4” to 14”.