La Chiquita Tortilla is committed to food safety and product Quality.  This commitment is evidenced through Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) based food safety programs.​

Quality Systems are an important part of our management programs and are closely integrated with Food Safety programs. Integrated Food Safety Programs give assurance that we are able to provide safe products to our customers and consumers, as well as deliver consistently high quality products and services.

Our corn and flour tortillas are 100% Authentic Mexican Products of the highest quality, and the original bread of the Mexican Indians. They are delicious because they are made by traditional methods such as nixtamalization of the corn to create our masa. Production of La Chiquita's Tortillas is monitored for quality and adherence to specification throughout the process. The tortillas even go through a special surveying system where they are checked for eight individual specifications including size, shape and transparency. This assure that our tortillas are of the highest quality and will consistently meet our customer's expectations.​

La Chiquita is BRC (GFSI) and AIB Certified and fully committed to meeting the requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and the requirements of the Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2015. We are a proud member of the Tortilla Industry association (TIA), including a current member of the board of directors. Our products are prepared under the supervision of the Atlanta Kosher Commission and are accordingly Kosher an Pareve.​

La Chiquita’s Tortillas is an organization based on promoting the professional image of American chefs worldwide, through education of culinarians at all levels.


La Chiquita corn and flour tortillas are 100% Authentic Mexican Products of the highest quality.