La Chiquita has a great selection of flavored wraps available in standard 12” size.
We offer some flavors in other assorted sizes as well.Great for spicing up your favorite sandwich or burrito!

​Check out our great selection of flavored wraps.  These come in the standard 12”.  Try one of these exciting flavors today:  

At La Chiquita, we have set ourselves apart from the rest of the tortilla industry by offering specialty gourmet products that other companies do not.​

Our chips, corn and flour tortillas can even be done in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Black​.

We can also customize products specifically for your needs.  Contact a sales representative if you need more information. 

These are also available in custom blends, so please ask for them by name:
• American flag: Red, White and Blue chips    
• Mexican flag: Red, White and Green chips (great for Christmas celebrations, too!)    
• Valentine’s Day: Red and White chips  
• Saint Patrick’s Green Chips    
• Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Chips & Tortillas 


La Chiquita corn and flour tortillas are 100% Authentic Mexican Products of the highest quality.